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A Growing World of Nanotechnology Applications and Products

Some nanotechnologies are already generating revenue, others are attracting venture capital in the expectation of revenue in the near future, and some are being heavily funded by government in recognition of the considerable longer-term potential. The diversity of nanotechnology applications is touching more industries all the time. A partial list includes:

• Computers
• Semiconductors
• Flat panel displays
• Electric plastics
• Lithium batteries
• Super capacitors
• Gas storage
• Sports
• Home Health Care
• Cosmetics
• Photoconductors
• Conductive polymers
• Molecular electronics
• Optical limiters
• Diamond coatings
• Electric wiring
• Drug delivery
• Cancer drug delivery
• Anthrax detection agents
• Cold oil flow additive
• Solar cells

From wound dressings to antibacterial make-up, toothbrushes to trousers, vitamin supplements to stain resistant neckties, a wide spectrum of applications is currently being manufactured using nanotechnology-based materials.


Ways in which nantechnology is applied:

Life Sciences and Medical Sciences
Space Science
Applications and Products

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