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:: Texas Nanotech Ventures envisions being the leader in the global nanotechnology industry ::

The state of Texas is primed to emerge as the leader in the global nanotechnology industry. We see our role as synthesizing distinct business participants with the collaborative efforts of established institutions and researchers in Texas and elsewhere.

We see TNT Ventures as standing at the advantageous juncture of investing in leading edge nanotechnology that is driving the creation of the future in technology, business, Life Sciences and engineering. We perceive collaboration with diversified interests as the core to inventing the future.

While invigorating and bringing synergy to the nanotechnology efforts already underway in Texas that includes the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative (TNI) and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund, TNT Ventures provides sound investment navigation and management for best capitalizing on the virtually hundreds of nanotechnology opportunities available today and tomorrow around the globe.

TNT Ventures exists to provide venture capital, advice, contacts and other supportive services that sustain the development and deployment of innovative nanobioscience and nanoengineering.

Capitalizing on the $75 billion nanotechnology evolution is possible by partnering with pioneers endorsing and conquering daring concepts that will rediscover the world at 10-7 meters, a nanometer, and will develop a world of commerce not yet envisioned in the universe.

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